Kompai Assist: The Future of Care in Nursing Homes
7 September, 2023 by
marina jallabert
Nursing homes, or Nursing Homes for Dependent Elderly People (EHPAD) in French, are dedicated to the well-being and care of elderly individuals. In this context, technology plays an increasingly significant role in improving residents' quality of life and easing the workload of caregivers. One of the most promising innovations is the introduction of multifunctional robots like the Kompai Assist, revolutionizing assistance in nursing homes.

The Evolution of Care in Nursing Homes

Assisting elderly individuals in nursing homes is a complex challenge. Residents often have diverse needs, ranging from surveillance to companionship to mobility assistance. Traditionally, these tasks were carried out by caregivers, who could become overwhelmed by their workload. This is where robots like Kompai Assist come into play.

Kompai Assist: A Multifunctional Companion

The Kompai Assist robot is a true Swiss army knife of assistance in nursing homes. It offers three key functionalities that enhance residents' quality of life and make the job of caregivers more manageable.

1. Advanced Monitoring

One of the major concerns in nursing homes is residents' safety, particularly those with mobility issues. Kompai Assist is equipped with sophisticated sensors capable of detecting falls. In the event of a fall, the robot immediately alerts the staff, enabling swift intervention. Furthermore, it can detect individuals wandering erratically, helping to prevent accidents.

2. Entertainment and Well-being

Life in a nursing home should not be monotonous. Kompai Assist adds a touch of entertainment by conducting musical and light rounds. Residents can enjoy pleasant and relaxing moments thanks to the integrated music and light games. This promotes a more joyful and soothing environment.

3. Walking Assistance

Reduced mobility is a reality for many nursing home residents. Kompai Assist can function as a robotic crutch, assisting residents in walking safely. With its intuitive interface, it can be easily controlled by caregivers, providing guidance for residents.

A Partner for Caregivers

The introduction of robots like Kompai Assist aims not to replace caregivers but to support them. By automating certain monitoring and assistance tasks, staff can focus on more interactive and relational activities, thereby enhancing the quality of care and residents' well-being.


Kompai Assist embodies the future of care in nursing homes. By combining advanced monitoring, entertainment, and walking assistance, this multifunctional robot becomes an invaluable partner for caregivers and a cherished companion for residents. It contributes to improving the quality of life for elderly individuals while alleviating the burden on caregivers. With innovations like Kompai Assist, the future of nursing homes looks brighter than ever.

marina jallabert 7 September, 2023
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