The future of automated hospital logistics

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is a range of AMR robots for hospital logistics transport.

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Facilitate hospital logistics flows with the KOMPAÏ delivery robot 

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Transport of small hospital logistics

Designed to meet the complex and urgent needs of healthcare establishments. Thanks to its advanced capabilities, KOMPAÏ delivery can safely transport a wide range of medical equipment and supplies, such as medicines, chemotherapy bags, the management of equipment such as endoscopes and much more.

An AMR robot (autonomous mobile robot)

KOMPAÏ delivery can navigate autonomously through corridors, lifts and various hospital spaces, avoiding obstacles and adapting to any scenario. With unrivalled precision, it ensures that medical equipment is delivered quickly and efficiently to where it is needed, optimising internal logistics flows.



KOMPAÏ delivery 

Top module +

Large model

Transport of medicines and medical/biological supplies

 removable and interchangeable modular cabinets


Simple, intuitive user interface 

Facilitates automatic loading and unloading of bins

KOMPAÏ delivery

Transfer +

Optional electric lift

Roller conveyor

These AMR are available on the RESAH purchasing platform

Cabinets to suit your needs

  (The interior layout is modular, and specific versions can be developed on request (costed as an option))

Cabinet 1


  • 1 cell 

Cabinet 2


  • 4 cells

Cabinet 3


  • 6 cells 

KOMPAÏ delivery 

Top Module

Medium model

Transport of medicines and medical/biological supplies

 removable and modular cabinets

Simple, intuitive user interface

Towing carts and large hospital equipment

KOMPAÏ delivery 


Standard coupling systems

IHM kit with optional tablet

KOMPAÏ delivery Conteneur 

Transport of containers on bases (TAL)

Lifting table for loading containers mounted on bases

Compatible with most existing bases

Loading and unloading bins

KOMPAÏ delivery Transfer

Roller conveyor

These robots are available on the UniHA purchasing platform

The robot moves autonomously around your premises in complete safety, aware of its environment. Its various sensors and lasers enable it to manage obstacles efficiently and reliably.

Close collaboration with health establishments

The development of KOMPAÏ delivery has been based on close collaboration with hospitals, ensuring that it is adapted to the specific needs of patients and nursing staff.

Robust and reliable

This robot has been designed for a minimum service life of 10 years to meet the demands of the hospital environment, offering exceptional durability and reliability, even under intensive conditions of use. 

Experimentation and validation

The robot has been tested in healthcare establishments, demonstrating its effectiveness and relevance in the field of hospital logistics.

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Our videos

KOMPAÏ delivery for education and research centres

Our KOMPAÏ delivery robot has an API adapted for teaching purposes. We offer an easy-to-use R&D version of the robot.